SPAWN, VENOM and SPIDER-MAN artist Angel Medina comes to DCS Sept 16-17

We’re very pleased to announce the addition of Angel Medina to our comic book guest list! Known for his stellar interior work on SPAWN #100 through 150 and KISS: PSYCHO CIRCUS #1 through 27, Medina is a fan favorite and just a great guy to meet. His art has appeared in books like ABOMINATIONS, BLACKWULF, DREADSTAR (#39-64), GRIMM FAIRY TALES (various titles), INCREDIBLE HULK (#435-446 and Annual 16), INFINITY GAUNTLET AFTERMATH, SAM AND TWITCH, MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN (#23-37), VENOM: DARK ORIGIN, WARLOCK AND THE INFINITY WATCH and so much more. Angel is one of the nicest creators in the business, and really appreciates his fans, so please help us make him feel very welcome at Dallas Comic Show this September 16-17!

See the full guest list HERE.

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