SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, HEAT and TWIN PEAKS star Tom Sizemore comes to DCS Sept 16-17

After making a splash on the big screen in 1989 with the Stallone movie LOCK UP, Tom Sizemore became a regular face in major Hollywood productions, including BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, BLUE STEEL, FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, GUILTY BY SUSPICION, HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN, PASSENGER 57, HEART AND SOULS, TRUE ROMANCE, STRIKING DISTANCE, WYATT EARP, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, STRANGE DAYS, DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS, HEAT, THE RELIC, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, ENEMY OF THE STATE, BRINGING OUT THE DEAD, RED PLANET, PEARL HARBOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN, DREAMCATCHER, PAPARAZZI, and so many more. You may remember him on fan-favorite TV shows like CHINA BEACH, ROBBERY HOMICIDE DIVISION, DOCTOR VEGAS, CRASH, HAWAII 5-0, THE RED ROAD, LAW & ORDER: SVU, LUCIFER, SHOOTER, and the current TWIN PEAKS revival. Tom has also done voice work for GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY, and 24: THE GAME. And if you’re looking for a comic book connection… there is one! Tom was the voice of Metamorpho in the JUSTICE LEAGUE 2001 animated series. Mr. Sizemore is very excited about meeting the Dallas fans, so let’s make him feel welcome when he joins us September 16-17!

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