SPIDER-MAN, DEADPOOL: TOO SOON? and NIGHTCRAWLER artist Todd Nauck comes to DCS Sept 16-17

He worked on some of the coolest books Marvel and DC ever offered, and a few Image Comics titles to boot. Todd Nauck is no stranger to this area, especially after attending the Art Institute of Dallas just before breaking into the comic book industry and working for Rob Liefeld at Extreme Studios. There he cut his teeth working on books like BADROCK AND COMPANY, NEWMEN and SUPREME, but then briefly worked for Marvel on SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN… which would be the first of many Spidey books to see his artwork. Todd followed his Extreme years by turning in considerable work at DC Comics on books like 52, LEGION and LEGIONNAIRES, TEEN TITANS, TEEN TITANS GO! and a very healthy run of YOUNG JUSTICE with writer Peter David. He ultimately ended up back at Marvel working on books like AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (including the now historic Barack Obama issue), THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN & SILK: THE SPIDER(FLY) EFFECT, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN FAMILY, AMERICAN DREAM, DEADPOOL: TOO SOON?, FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN, NIGHTCRAWLER, SPIDER-MAN: THE CLONE SAGA, and X-CAMPUS, not to mention several variant covers for popular titles (he did a series of homage covers that parody Todd McFarlane’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300). You may have also seen his art in books like DOCTOR WHO and Robert Kirkman’s GUARDING THE GLOBE and INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE, as well as his creator owned books WILDGUARD. His latest work will be seen in SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL #21 and 22. Let’s welcome Todd back to his old stomping grounds!

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