Goth Music Icon and Folk Art Goddess Monica Richards comes to DCS Sept 16-17

“Monica Richards is the Original Riot Grrrl and the Fairytale Queen all rolled up into one unbelievably talented artist. She belongs in the Avante Garde of today’s music, forever changing, evolving, true to herself.”

Monica Richards is an American singer, songwriter, artist and author considered to be an icon of the goth subculture and has been the frontwoman of numerous bands including Madhouse, Strange Boutique, Faith and the Muse and The Eden House as well as being a solo-artist. One truly appreciates Monica not just from her unmistakable style but from the heart she puts in her work.

Best known for her musical work as half of the critically acclaimed duo, Faith and the Muse, Monica is a long-time musician and songwriter who also happens to be a visual artist, graphic designer as well as a writer. Much of the spectrum of her creative work is centered around the Feminine and the Familiar: Matriarchal mythological themes with all the cultural echoes and seasonal faces they present. In over twenty-five years as a front woman in Underground music, Monica Richards has a far reaching reputation of the highest respect for her powerful voice and theatrical stage presence. An old school punk rocker who began writing songs at the age of 15, her sharp, intelligent lyrics and musical talents are the highlights of Faith and the Muse, as well as her solo music.

Richards is a graduate of American University with honors in Literature, Monica has self-published illustrated books of tales & poetry. Her first published work, The Book of Annwyn, based on Welsh Mythology, is a full reworking of ancient Celtic tales and illustrations. Monica is also a multimedia visual artist and graphic designer – her first love has always been the visual arts. Monica’s diehard fans have been collecting her art for years – from her original work and art prints to the stunning jewelry pieces she designs. In her own Folk Art, Monica explores larger-than-life Mythologial Themes, created in cultural and colorful Art Nouveau-influenced patterns and styles. Much of her artwork is centered on world-wide Matriarchal mythology; her paintings and design work can be seen on all Faith and the Muse and her solo CD covers, as well as her own art prints and handmade pieces available on her site. She began creating Adult Coloring Books in 2015, beginning with “The Goddess” through publisher, ZED Presents. The Goddess book brought out her love of colorful Folk Art, featuring each Goddess in her own cultural style. If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Monica in person, be sure to say hi when she joins us September 16-17!

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