MARVEL MASTERPIECES, CONAN and VAMPIRELLA artist Joe Jusko comics to DCS Sept 16-17

He wasn’t able to attend our February show due to work commitments, but promised to come to the very next one we did… and now he’s making good on that promise. We’re thrilled to welcome the great Joe Jusko to our guest list for Dallas Comic Show this September 16-17, 2017. Joe has contributed stunning painted work to THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN, VAMPIRELLA, TOMB RAIDER, PUNISHER, and more. His most impressive achievement has to be the instantly classic Marvel Masterpieces trading card collection, which to this day are some of the most popular and desired comic book trading cards ever made. He recently painted a whole new Master Masterpiece card set for Upper Deck, which showed he’s still a master with a paint brush, and his Marvel “Corner Box” variant covers are some of the year’s most popular to be released in comic shops. Help us welcome Joe as our very first guest on the list for September!


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