Exhibitor Info

Exhibitor and Artist Alley Information

TO EVERYONE INQUIRING ABOUT SPACE FOR OUR SEPTEMBER 16-17 SHOW – please note that all exhibitor requests should be made by email using the CONTACT US tab above, and we’ll be contacting folks starting June 26th in regards to space. If you’ve already emailed us, you don’t need to email us again, we will get back with you as time allows.

A NOTE TO ALL EXHIBITORS AND ARTIST ALLEY TABLE INQUIRIES – ALL sellers must have a Texas Sales Tax ID / Texas Seller’s Permit by law. Please read below on requirements for setting up. Anyone purchasing space will be required to send in a signed vendor agreement with their payment, and these rules will be on there. Again, if you’ve already emailed us, you don’t need to email us again. We’re working as fast as we can on getting back to everyone, and everyone will have a response as quickly as we can get to it!


Artist Alley Tables – artist alley tables will be available for purchase to professional working artists. To qualify for an artist table you must either be presently employed by a legitimate publisher, or have worked for a major publisher and can provide samples of published work, or be producing your own creator-owned projects. Tables with unpublished artists that are just selling unlicensed fan art prints will not be allowed. If any small press artist who has purchased a table at a Dallas Comic Show event is caught selling unlicensed prints of copyrighted characters without permission, the show reserves the right to remove that artist from the event without a refund. Artist tables will be sold and approved on a case by case basis, and all attending artists may be required to provide references.

Exhibitor Booths – all exhibitors are required to sell licensed products. No bootleg or unlicensed items will be allowed at the show, and items may be subject to review and approval by the promoters or Exhibitor Manager. Any exhibitor selling questionable product may be subject to review by the promoters and removed from the show without refund. This includes unlicensed art prints, unlicensed movie posters/promos, bootleg DVDs, bootleg CDs, or anything not approved and produced by the copyright holders. All exhibitor payments must be received in full up front before the show opens to the public. Exhibitors agree to stay within defined space requirements in order to meet fire code restrictions in the convention center. Each exhibitor space comes with two badges, any extras must be purchased from the convention. Lost badges are the responsibility of the exhibitor and not the event. If any exhibitor is caught subletting space to other sellers, or selling badges, or even giving badges to people not specifically working their booth, those exhibitors will be removed from the show without refund. All exhibitors are required to comply with shut down and opening procedures, meaning they come in at posted set up times and shut down their booth sales and leave as quickly as possible during shut down times. All exhibitors are required to wear their badges to gain entry to the event. NEW RULE – no games of chance, games of skill, or any other forms of “gambling” will be allowed at booths. Anyone caught using these schemes will be removed from the show without refund. This is not a carnival, so no games.