Broken Lizard’s Erik Stolhanske from SUPER TROOPERS and BEERFEST joins DCS Sept 16-17

You’ve seen him in as “Rabbit” in SUPER TROOPERS, “Sam” in CLUB DREAD, “Todd Wolfhouse” in BEERFEST, “Guy” in THE SLAMMIN’ SALMON, and he’ll soon be back in SUPER TROOPERS 2. Help us welcome Broken Lizard’s own Erik Stolhanske to Dallas Comic Show this September 16-17! Erik brings an element of wholesome comedy into the group dynamic, as one-fifth of the Broken Lizard comedy team. His special blend of parlor and Scandinavian humor adds a Midwestern peppering to the group’s fragrant comedic mix. Stolhanske has written, produced and starred in all of Broken Lizards’ films. Additionally, Erik had roles in the film remake of the popular 70s series THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, THE ONION MOVIE (in which he plays a network news producer), and WATCHING THE DETECTIVES, Paul Soter’s directorial debut. On television, Stolhanske appeared in the HBO critically acclaimed series CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and SIX FEET UNDER. We’re told he may be doing photo ops in his SUPER TROOPERS uniform too, so don’t miss meeting Erik in person at the show!

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